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Getting To Know More About The Journey That Christopher Pair Had With Plexus Worldwide

We are sure that many of you here who are working for Plexus Worldwide are familiar with Christopher Pair, uniquely since he was appointed as the President of Operations and International and joined the company last March two thousand eighteen. Appointed as the Preside of Operations and International, he was assigned to carry out various tasks like monitoring different departments such as compliance-quality, accounting, international, information technology, project management, and legal as well, and also, he oversees the company’s logistics, distribution, finance, and manufacturing. Christopher Pair is a renowned expert when it comes to global operations as well as international expansions. The career of Christopher Pair is magnificent and exceptional, having to work with Herbalife for more than fifteen years wherein he led the successful international expansion of the organization thus, gaining him the seat of Presidency and the CEO seat of the multi-billion dollar company.

Christopher Pair was so impressed by the success that Plexus Worldwide has achieved in its first ten years that he felt honored to be appointed in one of its highest positions and to work with the talented and skilled team as it enters its second decade. Having been a core member of a multi-billion dollar company and the force that led to its growth and international expansion, Christopher is excited to use the experience he had in his past company to help more people know about Plexus across the globe.

If you are wondering what made Christopher Pair such a force to reckon with when it comes to business management, well, that is because he holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Redlands. Not only that, there goes the fact as well that he had the experience of serving on numerous boards which include his role as the former Vice-Chairman as well as the Director of the Direct Selling Association and also, he served as the former Director of the Consumer Health Products Association. Furthermore, you have to be aware of the fact that Christopher Pair served as a member of the Council of Responsible Nutrition and also, one of the founding members of the Eagle and Badge Foundation.

Mr. Pair decided to leave his position as the President and CEO of Herbalife after more than fifteen years of service due to unfavorable circumstances, and Plexus Worldwide then hired him wherein he was given the seat of Presidency of Operations and International Affairs. Now that a new chapter of his life starts to unfold, Christopher is thrilled by the things that he can do, and he can offer to make the company feel that they made the right choice of hiring him. Christopher Pair swears to do everything he can and pour all the knowledge and experience he had to push Plexus to a success that no one has ever imagined.

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