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How to Set Up an Amazon Seller Account

Amazon is probably the biggest online shopping and selling e-commerce company in the world today for many shoppers and sellers wishing to trade their goods and services. Amazon has also been considered as one of the most successful online sites for shopping in history. As a business owner you will need to look for a method that will help in maximizing your net profits and being an Amazon seller is one of the methods to earn you a lot. As you wish to start making money from being an Amazon seller there are a number of tips and guides that will help you to kick start your journey in selling your commodities in Amazon and they are as follows.

The first step when setting up an Amazon seller account will be the signing up and account creation. In this step you will sign up through opening the Amazon website and opening the sell button that will direct you on how to set up the seller account and you will also consider choices to make in the account creating process. You will choose the type of seller that you will be that is a professional or an individual seller. The information that you add will be only kept to yourself. You will add information when asked to finalize on the creation such as business name, address, contact information and add your credit card number.

The second step will be to consider the fees that come with the Amazon seller account. This is because you will be paying Amazon for using their services by selling through them. The fees will change depending on the type of seller you are. The types of fees paid will include monthly fees, listing fees, shipping rates, and referral rates at which will differ according to the type of seller.

The third step that you will follow is that you will set up your profile in the Amazon seller account. The seller profile can be filled and updated in the settings icon in the Amazon website in your account. You should update information such as; account information, notification preferences, login settings, return settings, gift options, shipping settings, tax settings, user permissions, information and policies and the fulfillment by Amazon.

The fourth step when setting up an Amazon seller account will be listing items. You will do this step right after updating your seller profile. Here you will be able to list the products that you will sell together with your price at which you will sell the item. Hereafter you will look at the feedback from the customers and then your business will be able to pick up by using your Amazon account to make income. In conclusion, these are the steps you will follow when setting up an Amazon seller account.

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